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    Founded and based in Tokyo, Black Eye Patch is a Japanese streetwear fashion label. Mainly inspired by the American Hip-Hop culture, the Black Eye Patch clothing is its unique interpretation.
    black eye patch online store

    What makes Black Eye Patch so different from other brands that offer Hip-Hop inspired clothing is its take on delivery packages as part of their branding design. First started as a sticker label that was most influenced by the Hip-Hop culture of Shibuya in Tokyo and spread around the town, Black Eye Patch is also known as “Mysterious Sticker Squad” due to the branded stickers placed all over Tokyo.

    While spreading the stickers and patches around town, the founders experienced the inspiring world of street art and performances as well es graffiti and decided to establish their own fashion label to push forward the street art culture. Stickers, mailing labels, and archive boxes are still the main products of Black Eye Patch collections though, strongly highlighted on social media and the brand´s photography.

    If you are questioning yourself why Black Eye Patch´s patches and stickers could lead to such a success, here is the answer. The brand´s focus on packaging and labels as a Hip-Hop subculture underlines its take on “getting things done”. Finding creative solutions and making your own way up s not only a part of Hip-Hop lyrics – for the most it´s the everyday life. Stickers and labelling products are helping tools to get things done.

    By offering these products Black Eye Patch shows the understanding of the deeply rooted Hip-Hop themes. Also stickers and patches are tools to make your presence known. When you love what you do you want to show it.

    In that culture, stickers are the way to show it and it´s a fast way – in the streets, visuals that are different from the classic marketing. The Black Eye Patch´s action-oriented work ethic is synonymous with essential themes of street culture.


    Rarely known outside the Hip-Hop music business, Black Eye Patch offers casual streetwear essentials like hoodies, jackets, graphic t-shirts and long sleeves. The label´s progressive ideology channels early ´00s hip-hop and fuses it with inspiration from street culture.

    By showcasing the essential hip-hop items like hoodies and graphic t-shirts, Black Eye Patch collections consist of laid-back silhouettes decorated with prints. Expected a selection of sweaters, hoodies, jackets, tees and pants as well as accessories such as caps, bags and socks.

    Black Eye Patch standout from the range pieces like the BlackEyePatch logo-covered bomber jacket underline the label´s hip-hop inspired industrial streetwear appeal. Denim jackets and pants, half-zip sweaters and reversible houndstooth jackets round up the streetwear-inspired collections.

    The unique logo-heavy aesthetic of the Japanese streetwear label ensures the exceptional pieces to be the most sought-after items globally, at least since they were noticed on hip-hop stars like Kendrick Lamar or Justin Bieber.


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