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    There is one rising star to watch in the moment and it is lining up with the big players of the industry – Rokh, the London-based label of designer Rok Hwang is here to tell you a new fashion story.

    Rokh Fashion

    After cutting his teeth for iconic French fashion houses Céline, Louis Vuitton, and Chloe, the Korean-born designer launched his own label Rokh, aiming to create timeless and wearable clothes that would become essential wardrobe staples.

    The Rokh´s subverted classics are built on the unique blend of opposites: functionality meets luxury in a mix of masculine and feminine elements, appearing fragile yet bold.

    Rokh´s perfectly imperfect approach offers women´s fashion beyond ready-to-wear. The core of Rokh´s fashion is its deconstructed attitude with raw unfished avant-garde mood, capturing the unique elements of international youth cultures, elevated into fashion by combining music, art, photography and other arts together.

    Constantly researching on shapes, fabrics and understanding of contemporary fashion enables the Rokh designer to have an individual take on designing clothing. Due to Hwang´s technical expertise, importance is given to artisan craftsmanship that appears in unique constructions and exceptional cuts of Rokh´s clothing.

    Giving the pieces the Rokh´s signature broken and re-put together look, the custom creations focus on individual style, elevating the modern wardrobe. With its inventive yet elegant interpretations of classics and redefinition of streetwear Rokh has garnered a loyal followership in the industry.

    Designer Fashion? Rok Hwang

    Though, Rok Hwang describes himself as shy and introverted, his clothes are anything but. Designed for women who are fragile, confident yet questioning, with uncertainty of youth to make them feel confident and empowered. Rokh clothing isn´t made for a one type - it´s a fantasy.

    Crafted for a timeless wardrobe, expect classically tailored separates with contemporary twist, classic blazers and trench coats. Each piece is meant to last over trends and adapt to any occasion like uniquely reinterpreted Rokh biker jacket.

    With the use of high-qulity materials, the Rokh designer crafts his pieces with a longevity in mind, enabling the clothes to last season after season. Confidently testing the deconstruction and adaptability, Rokh clothes appear in an eclectic blend of textures, colors and references.

    The youthfulness of Rokh is shown in constant contrasts: masculine vs. feminine, cool but classic, deconstructed but elegant. Cut to perfection, Rokh clothing is unexpectedly modifiable without compromising on wearability – think of trousers with unbuttoned hem or blouses with long sleeves to tie at the cuff.

    Rokh´s signature piece is oversized trench coat, with tied-up sleeves that can be extended. Also look out for Rokh´s multi-buttoned duffle coat to add to your everyday wardrobe. Structural blouses, androgynous shirts inspired by traditional menswear, side-slit pants, as well as asymmetric skirts and turtlenecks will complete the contemporary look with sensually elegant hint. Rokh is giving the women real clothes with everyday silhouettes and exceptional detailing.


    Rokh clothing is made for all ages and shapes, taking a contemporary elegant approach on womenswear. Update your wardrobe with uniquely controversial designs by Rokh fashion for that playful yet confident look. Find a wide range of Rokh coats, jackets, dresses and trousers online at Restir and make a statement with your favourite Rokh piece!