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While some brands come and go, a few manage to reach cult status and live up to their reputation. That is the case with Medicom Toy. In particular, there is nothing groundbreaking or new about toys in general – but the Japanese brand reaches a whole new level with its unique designs.
Medicom Toy Online Shop

Forget about throwaways meant to collect dust in the deepest corner. Medicom Toy pieces are limited-edition designs intent to be a piece of art. Medicom Toy was founded on 1996 by Tatsuhiko “Ryu” Akashi without any desire to fill any gaps in the industry. He just wanted to create pieces that would bring fun and joy in people´s lives.

MEDICOM TOY emerged just out of the hunger to make, based on the concept of making objects that people want instead of products centered around marketing. The Japanese brand is known for collectable toys and action figures crafted using exceptional artisanal techniques and sold in limited quantities. The first pieces were inspired by Akashi´s passion for anime but it was the Kubrick that turned MEDICOM into global phenomenon.


MEDICOM TOY´s pieces are inspired by art, movies and music – like “Kubrick”, which was partly influenced by the revolutionary filmmaker evident from the logo designed in honor of a Clockwork Orange. But there is also a deeper meaning behind the name: “Kubrick” consists of “kyu” or kanji, which means nine, and “brick”. Nine references the number of pieces the Kubrick toy is built of while “brick” bears the analogy to the iconic LEGO.

The brand´s most popular BE@RBRICK line is a series of bear-shaped figures in different sizes and various prints. The items evolved into cultural icon with famous followership like Pharell Williams, DJ Khaled and many others.

Named after a cartoon-style representation of a bear, BE@RBRICK is a variation of Kubrick design. The collectable toys by MEDICOM TOY are limited and highly sought after worldwide. Depending on gypsum absorption capacity and the craftsman´s experience, each MEDICOM TOY is unique and a true collector´s piece.

But not only Akashi puts his focus on designing the MEDICOM TOY figures, he also values the packaging. The interest and request in BE@RBRICK AND KUBRICK grew dramatically over the years, so insanely coveted collectables are placed inside “blind boxes” without any hint of what´s inside to boost the tension and uniqueness.

The undeniable success of MEDICOM TOY couldn´t be ignored by different industries, entailing a long list of collaborations including Star Wars, Disney, Chanel, Supreme, Fendi and others, especially in the streetwear fashion scene.


MEDICOM TOY fundamentally positioned itself in the industry, creating exceptional art pieces desired worldwide. The block-style figures bring up the LEGO nostalgia but offer their own unique design.

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