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    Maison Margiela is a Paris-based fashion house founded by Belgian designer Martin Margiela that made its debut in 1988. Maison Margiela creates womenswear and menswear as well as accessories following Martin Margiela´s uniquely unconventional visions.

    Maison Margiela Online Store

    By pushing boundaries of fashion, the French house challenges the traditional idea of clothing by experimenting with de- and reconstruction and silhouettes.

    Its unconventional aesthetics and celebration of fashion as artistic expression established the label as one of the most renowned names in luxury fashion.

    The Maison Margiela designs are daring, creative and ambiguous, especially known for its use of architecturally experimental fabrics like ropes, plastic, or foil. Deconstructive avant-garde shapes made of unconventional materials became the labels trademark, revealing Maison Margiela´s philosophy where fashion is showcased as an art of meaning rather than a cult of personality.

    Even the brand logo – a set of numbers from 0 to 23, shows designer´s deeply rooted creativity. Those numbers stand each for unique product reference code – for example, womenswear (1), menswear (10), accessories (11) or footwear (22). Highly innovative, Maison Margiela offers women´s and men´s ready-to-wear, accessories such as Maison Margiela bags and shoes, fine Margiela jewelry as well as fragrances and Maison Martin Margiela contemporary line MM6.

    Martin Margiela resigned from his position as creative director in 2009 and the brand was renamed from Maison Martin Margiela to Maison Margiela. In 2014 John Galliano became creative director of the French fashion house and blends his unique sense of spectacle with Maison Margiela´s ethos. The brand evolved as one of the most influential design houses over the last years.


    Maison Margiela enjoys the well-deserved reputation as one of the most innovative brands, creating the most recognizable silhouettes in the fashion world. Maison Margiela clothing designs are unique and bold, being deconstructed and reconstructed again with sharp tailoring and unconventional fabrics creating the label´s exceptional almost unfinished aesthetic.

    Using remarkable design skills, Maison Margiela reworks traditional silhouettes in a contemporary way, giving the clothes unique finishes like ageing, paint splatters and plaster coverings. Maison Margiela provides raw and unfinished vibe offering collections that stand out in the crowd.

    The label´s menswear and womenswear push boundaries of traditional fashion by redefining and reinventing male and female silhouettes, reflecting Margiela´s passion to challenge social norms. Maison Margiela designs are both masculine and feminine, often blending the genders.

    Maison Margiela menswear appears in highest quality fabrics and uses unique dying techniques for a rich color. Transformation is always the base of each reinvented classic menswear, represented through patchworked motifs and the label´s signature four white stitches. Whether you are after a statement look or rather searching for something that exudes low-key luxury – Maison Margiela is the right choice for you.

    Expect a range of contemporary clothing including high-quality basics like T-shirts and chino pants, standout outerwear, chunky knitwear and denim. Maison Margiela sneakers are the most sought-after in the industry, including the Future's & their Replica Sneakers.

    With its smart approach on luxury, Maison Margiela offers an unexpected take on urban basics like sneakers. Setting standards for contemporary fashion, Maison Margiela is for men and women who appreciate high-quality basics with an avant-garde vibe.


    One piece that became synonymous with the brand – the spilt-toe Tabi boot. Since the first appearance on the runway in 1988, the Tabi boots became a staple piece of the brand. Originally, the Tabi silhouette comes from 15th century Japan, where socks were mass produced in China to be worn with traditional thonged sandals. Later, the socks became a symbol of hierarchical social status.

    After a trip to Japan, Martin Margiela got inspired by that silhouette and adapted it into his luxury designs. Unknown and unconventional for the West fashion scene, the Tabi silhouette became a huge success for the French house and still an ultimate staple in Margiela´s collections until today.

    First introduced for women, the Tabi boot is now also available for men. Over the years, Maison Margiela reinterpreted the Tabi silhouette into various shoe styles such as clogs, sandals and ballet flats or sneakers.


    Creating some of the most sought-after clothing and footwear worldwide, Maison Margiela is a must for every fashionable man and women who want to stand out but also appreciate high-quality craftsmanship.

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