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    If you´re up to date with fashion news, you definitely heard about the sudden and unparalleled rise of Vetements. Since the label took the fashion scene by storm in 2014, it became one of the most-talked brands in the world.

    Vetements Online Store

    Vetements is a design collective founded by brothers Demna and Guram Gvasalia together with five other friends, who remain totally anonymous. Started in a Paris living room out of boredom with fashion on a mission to bring a focus of the industry back on clothing, Vetements – “clothes” in French, is challenging the essence of fashion ever since.

    The label´s progressive and disruptive take on contemporary clothing is born out of desire to escape the constant rebranding and to reinvent the fashion cycle. Gvasalia grew up in Georgia, having not that much choice of clothes at that time, wearing same pieces as everyone around.

    After leaving the country and travelling for seven years, Demna Gvasalia settles in Germany and applies at design school in Belgium. Gvasalia´s working background includes design roles at Louis Vuitton and Maison Martin Margiela.

    Later on, he decides to launch his own label, where he can lead and make decisions, spreading what he has to say instead of executing ideas of others. That was the birth of Vetements. Vetements disruptive take on fashion blurs the fashion borders, transforming the mundane into luxury.

    With an eclectic touch of experimentation, the label subverts traditional design codes and puts a deconstructed twist on couture-streetwear. Pioneering the programmatic approach, where comfort and functionality win over fashionability, Vetements is having the finger on the pulse of the modern youth, which seemed to crave a real non-fashion street style.

    The success behind Vetements story is simple: take clothes no one would expect to like and turn it into unique high-fashion goods. Since exclusivity creates excitement, Vetements ethos is to never overproduce, what made the brand´s contemporary streetwear pieces the most sought-after styles on the market, establishing Vetements as a favourite go-to label for modern street style.


    Vetements unconventional sportswear aesthetic turned the label into one of the most coveted brands in the industry with a legion of celebrity and streetstyle fans like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian or Rihanna.

    Offering a full line of clothing and accessories for both men and women, Vetements is renown for streamlined cuts, youthful attitude, and rethought silhouettes. Urban-inspired Vetements collections stand out through dramatic oversized proportions as well as deconstructed touches, presenting reinvented wardrobe staples and focusing on impactful pieces with immediate appeal rather that themed seasonal collections.

    Expect relaxed essentials like reworked vintage denim and retro-inspired tees, as well as oversized outerwear and logo-hoodies. Think of DHL branded yellow t-shirt – and in no time, Vetements was everywhere. Also, further corporate logos including McDonald´s and Interpool made headlines in the fashion scene, spreading through the industry and social media like wildfire.

      athletic attitude with deconstructed touches and rough edges into the modern women´s wardrobe, creating a refined contemporary aesthetic. Vetements collections for men and women feature a variety of designs from casual sweatpants to asymmetrical outerwear, oversized hoodies and classic white tees detailed with the brand´s eponymous signature logo.


    First Vetements was underground and all of a sudden Vetements is everywhere. Made for men and women who create their own rules instead of following others, Vetements offers collections needed in every contemporary wardrobe. Explore the wide selection of Vetements t-shirts, hoodies, jeans and caps online at Restir and find your own way to express your (fashion) personality. Buy Vetements online at Restir!