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Founded in 2000 by a Copenhagen art gallerist, Frans Truelse, Ganni is renowned for its vibrant colours, magnificent patterns and outstanding social responsibility practises.

The Danish contemporary fashion brand gained popularity across the Atlantic to become one of Soho’s hottest sensations - establishing the Ganni name as a new affordable and sustainable fashion house with global appeal.

Ganni combines fashion and innovation in such a way that being a Ganni girl transcends being stylish and colourful, but signifies social responsibility and sustainability.

Ganni updates the concept of sustainable fashion, inviting consumers to be more conscious regarding the materials and practises employed to craft their clothing.

Ganni Clothing

Ganni clothing is playful and effortless - designed to challenge the status quo of traditional minimalistic Scandinavian design. Made for women who appreciate easy-wearing but elegant style, Ganni clothing is defined by its attention grabbing cuts, striking patterns and delicate details.

But more than this, Ganni shows us that being a woman of style transcends clothing and extends to social responsibility and sustainability.

Animal prints and vibrant flower patterns that adorn Ganni dresses evoke the charm of 60’s style - a time during which women were encouraged to break free of archaic values and express themselves in new ways.

The Ganni brand has a beautifully and sensibly designed collection of products that are versatile and timeless - enabling Ganni clothing to slot into your wardrobe as effortlessly as you will wear their dresses, jumpsuits, coats and shoes.

Ganni Girl

Whether it be wearing a Ganni dress, Ganni boots, a Ganni skirt, Ganni leather pants or Ganni shoes, wearing Ganni clothing and being a Gani girl is about more than style. It is an extension of your values, morals and ideals. Ganni proposes a better future through style and sustainability.

Affordable and unique, Ganni clothing proposes a revolution in using fashion to express yourself. A Ganni girl does not look for the next fashion trend, she creates her own.

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Be confident, and express yourself with one of the most sought after names in modern luxury. Embrace the effortless elegance and timeless style of Ganni and shop online at Restir.

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