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    Are you ready for the hottest insider tip among fashion crowd? And please, don´t tell us that you have never heard of READYMADE before – in this case, there is so much for you to catch up! But let´s get back to the big news.

    For those who know READYMADE founder & designer Yuta Hosokawa and L.A.-based artist Cali Thornhill DeWitt – the two creative minds came together to drop a new brand called SAINT MICHAEL and it is lit. Yuta Hosokawa and Cali Thornhill Dewitt both played major roles in the fashion industry, forming and revolutionizing the markets of United States and Japan.

    In 2013 Yuta Hosokawa founded READYMADE focusing on recycling and remaking vintage clothes. The brand became famous due to its high-quality products such as track pants, down jackets and bags.

    Aiming to promote a message of anti-war and anti-mass production, the label distanced itself from a streetwear hype and continues to create fashion masterpieces. Maybe you´re not familiar with Cali Thornhill Dewitt´s name in particular, but you definitely know his work for Kanye West´s “The Life of Pablo”-merch and other celebrities.


    is a project where the two masterminds who share the same passion vintage clothes and understanding of aesthetics, put all the passion, purpose and inspiration into each product. The much-lauded Japanese label focuses solely on the good of life and what it has to offer, aiming to stay true to the the feel of vintage style and make people feel the history behind a vintage piece when they hold it, sourcing the inspiration out of pieces from ´40s and ´50s.

    SAINT MICHAEL emphasizes on the quality of materials – it´s more about fabric than the piece itself. Yuta and Cali utilize vintage fabrics to create imperfect one of a kind pieces. Focusing on distinct finishes with special printing methods that wont degrade over time and hand-painted details, as well as motifs created by DeWitt, the label offers designs that give the wearer a DIY feeling with vintage aesthetic.

    All fabrics are crafted in Japan with the utmost importance, sewn with flat seams by special sewing machines, providing the most comfortable feeling.

    SAINT MICHAEL Clothing

    SAINT MICHAEL hoodies and sweatshirts represent both designers and their mutual love toward vintage and hand-crafted themes.

    Expect SAINT MICHAEL collections with keen eye for details like discoloration and distortion. By using burning and distressing techniques SAINT MICHAEL hoodies and sweatshirts get the label´s distinctive worn-out and roughed-up appeal, while every print is painted by hand. Perfectionism is crucial for the Japanese brand since it focuses on mastering one piece instead of creating several different items.


    One thing we can say for sure – the more you´ll wear a SAINT MICHAEL hoodie, the more you´ll get attached to it. Add the brand´s distinctive vintage aesthetic into your daily rotation. Restir offers the ultimate selection of SAINT MICHAEL items to complete the ultimate capsule wardrobe. SAINT MICHAEL hoodies and sweatshirts are made to last – buy now and wear forever! Shop your next designer piece online at Restir!

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