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There is no way you haven´t heard about Amiri yet – the L.A.-based brand is what we call an American success story. Before deciding to launch his own eponymous label in 2014, Mike Amiri started in fashion by designing unique stage pieces for iconic rock musicians such as Axl Rose and Steven Tyler.
Amiri Online Store

Eternally inspired by this figures he captured the sense of authentic west coast rock´n roll in his first exclusive capsule collection for L.A.-concept store Maxfield. That was the beginning of his exceptional career as a designer.

By bringing haute couture to rock´n´roll aesthetic, Amiri envisioned a brand that would challenge the common characteristics of luxury and bring a fresh modern take on what is considered the norm. With his eponymous label Mike Amiri cultivated the new aesthetics of contemporary luxury in the fashion industry.

Influenced by the punk and grunge scene of designer´s youth, the brand´s identity is deeply rooted in that rebellious culture of Los Angeles. Growing up surrounded by graffiti artists, skaters, musicians effected Mike Amiri´s creative work, which is now fully reflected in the rebellious spirit of his label. By blending the Californian rock´n´roll nostalgia with streetwear Amiri achieved what many contemporary designers dream of – he has grown his label into renown luxury brand.

Since his first collection, which contained vintage items and embellished jeans, sweatshirts and t-shirt with holes shot by gun Amiri continues to create pieces for individuals who identify themselves with the rock´n ´roll lifestyle but appreciate the luxury standard.

Today, Amiri is a luxury menswear and womenswear brand which masterfully blends refined craftsmanship with L.A. rock´n´roll glamour and street culture.


If you are looking for laid-back designs with raw detailing yet nonchalant mood, well, then your search is over. Over the years Amiri established itself as a brand for edgy and effortless, long-lasting pieces, that will built the undeniably cool basis in your wardrobe like Amiri jeans, t-shirts and jackets. In times of hype culture and fast-moving trends, Amiri grew to a mecca of rock´n´roll street style.

Season after season fashion lovers expect collections with deconstructed streetwear-influenced designs with excitement. Amiri´s signature style is formed by distressed elements, rips, shotgun holes and easy tailoring. High-quality materials and uncompromising craftsmanship are the brand´s fundamental principles, that allow to create pieces for a lifetime.

Amiri clothes are made exclusively in L.A., relying on local artisans, by using luxury materials sourced from around the world. Inspired by Europe´s ateliers, Amiri wanted to bring that sense of luxury to Californian fashion scene. Amiri skillfully mixes classic styles made of luxury materials and updating them with progressive details.

The label´s signature deconstructed look has grown it into famous luxury label. Hand-embellished jeans, jackets, flannel shirts and t-shirts with nostalgic touches of Californian rock´n-roll vibe now characterize the contemporary street style scene. Each Amiri collection offers effortless printed shirts, jeans and accessories while early styles like the MX1 jeans and shotgun shirts remain the brand´s pillar until today.


Amiri always followed the idea to create pieces that not only stand out but are also truly unique. After years in fashion, the designer realized that it was time to redevelop the denim and revolutionize the denim market.

Today, its signature super-skinny distressed jeans are a big part of each Amiri collection and the MX1 jeans have become the brand´s most recognizable design. The idea of the jeans was born out of designers interest in BMX and Motocross as well es deep love for vintage denim.

The crafting process of Amiri jeans is truly incomparable – each pair is hand-crafted and individually patched and repaired in a sixteen step procedure. This time-consuming process as well as skillful craftsmanship create the luxury essence of the brand. Expect the Amiri jeans colors to range from deep black to grey and stonewashed blue. Five-Pocket design as well as rips, patch-worked details and silver-tone hardware complete the characteristic look of Amiri jeans.


Two t-shirts can never be the exactly the same – what makes each piece truly unique through the shotgun process. Expect effortless t-shirts in distressed optics, with artisanal touches and hand-finished techniques. Made of lightweight cotton jersey in relaxed shapes, Amiri t-shirts come with statement graphics like the brand´s logo as well as offbeat motifs and provide the feeling of masculinity and luxury. It didn´t last long till famous celebrities like Justin Bieber or Jay Z discovered the brand´s star appeal.


Coming up in times of social media generation, Amiri understood the modern consumer´s needs perfectly and built the personal connection by being authentic and transparent since the launch. Today, the customers not only looking for a product but an experience of quality and individuality.

With his label Amiri created the new understanding of luxury, where something different and experimental, something you´ve never heard before is the true luxury. Once a person wears Amiri, they stick to it. Online at RESTIR you will find a wide range of signature Amiri jeans, t-shirts, jackets and accessories that incorporate the elements of Californian rock´n´roll culture fused with street style details. Take a look at Amiri clothing at RESTIR.