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If you follow up the current news in the fashion industry, you´ve probably already heard about the attention-getting brand Jacquemus. The French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus founded his eponymous label in 2009, based on his mother´s maiden name to honour the memory of her. But his story in the fashion industry wasn´t easy and typical at all.

Jacquemus Online Store

Born in the south of France, Simon Porte Jacquemus spent his childhood surrounded by countryside, sun and nature which are now reflected in his Jacquemus collections.

His first ever designed piece was a skirt for his mother – and her wearing it changed the designer´s life. In the age of 19 Simon Porte launches the Jacquemus label, deciding to leave the fashion school in Paris after one-month stint and making his debut with a minimalistic collection.

Now, loved for his innovative minimalist style, that austere aesthetic was born of necessity back then. Not having enough money to afford a fitting model as well as letting off buttons and pockets meant to create minimal, slightly boxy styles that can adapt well to different bodies and also current trends. Today, Jacquemus offers collections with sophisticated contemporary minimalistic aesthetic that exude a youthful and sunny vibe.

Jacquemus´ obsession with South France, the impressions of its colors and striped prints, country sides and folk culture, are reflected in his womenswear and menswear collections as well as iconic accessories. Simon Porte sees fashion as a language to tell a story, positioning Jacquemus as a high-end fashion brand and a social-media phenomenon with a strong visual impact with incomparable campaigns, breath-taking fashion shows and inspiring Instagram feed.


With its revolutionary approach in the digital era, Jacquemus became one of the most influential brands in the industry. Perfectly balancing on the edge of being fashionable and commercial, Jacquemus has its finger on the pulse – it´s not that much about selling fashion, it´s about selling a lifestyle.

By communicating the aesthetics of the dreamy French summer, Jacquemus is providing feelings, images and ideas on its Instagram feed. Jacquemus has its own vibe and it brings it to the Parisian fashion scene and around the world. The self-taught designer Simon Porte describes his own clothing as poetry, communicating an effortless sensuality and the folklore of the French coast.

Expect playfully deconstructed dresses with artistic cut-outs or exaggerated and asymmetrically shaped tees, oversized coats as well as the labels signature shirting. Jacquemus clothing is experimental yet always wearable.

The use of natural fabrics is an essential part of the brand´s heritage. Thoughtful fabrication and exquisite tailoring with color-block patterns and signature sunflower prints channel the free-spirited sensual and feminine sense of Jacquemus. Whether its asymmetrically cut Jacquemus dress or a Jacquemus tee with gentle lines – Jacquemus aesthetic brings back femininity by emphasizing the body, putting the importance on size inclusivity.

Jacquemus´ key to success is simple – if the clothes will look good on Instagram, they will sell. The designer knows well how to attract the attention on social media – he knows how to have fun, playing with proportions, going big or going small. His unique artful designs are perfectly instagramable – from micro bags to maxi hats.

There is no way you missed the massive La Bomba straw hat, that was difficult to overlook. On the other hand, there is le Chiquito bag scaled-down to absurd and quite lovely doll-size proportions. The iconic style comes in many various materials, colors and sizes – the Mini Chiquito, the Croco Chiquito or the Big Chiquito are for sure the most recognized Jacquemus accessories of the moment.

Whether you choose The Big Chiquito to fit your necessities or you just carry your lipstick in Petite Chiquito – Jacquemus Chiquito bag is just perfect to make a statement.


Jacquemus recipe is so simple yet so surprising. The basis is the sun, the daylight and the feeling of feet touching the sand. Add the landscape of the countryside in South France and the fruit aromas from the region. It´s about the smallest and simplest things in life, that inspire Simon Porte Jacquemus in his collections.

Jacquemus clothing is effortlessly pure and sincerely feminine. Online at Restir, you can find a curated range of ultra-chic Jacquemus ready-to-wear pieces like Jacquemus dress, Jacquemus tee or Jacquemus shirt as well as renown Le Chiquito bag. Dream yourself away to the coasts of South France with your Jacquemus piece from Restir!

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