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While high-fashion brands congest the industry with similar collections and designs, there is one name that manages to attract the attention of both street style and luxury customers. Rick Owen´s monochrome aesthetic is confronting the standards of fashion and pushing boundaries of blending streetwear and high-fashion.

rick owens online store

Founded in California in 1994, Rick Owens is now Paris-based label offering abstract avant-garde designs.

Constantly challenging the codes of good taste and definition of conservative beauty, Rick Owens provokes discussion, redefining the norm by being paradoxical.

There is one characteristic that runs through labels aesthetic – it´s Owens ´independence.

The designer was never afraid of being different, furthermore he aimed the niche position outside of mainstream. Rick Owens is today seen as a father of contemporary luxurious grunge lifestyle with eccentric approach.

It´s signature gothic aesthetic, represented through unorthodox structures and drapery, has earned him the name The Lord of Darkness. Rick Owens collections are something between streetwear and high fashion, giving a new innovative and unpredictable perspective on clothing and bending the line of gender.

The designer calls his own collections minimal and direct, with post-apocalyptic glamorous take. The labels ability to create fabulous grunge vibe by giving humble with luxurious detailing and combining elegance and deconstruction for a glamorous yet contemporary appeal.

The label became globally-renowned after Kate Moss was wearing Rick Owens´ leather jacket in French Vogue. Even today, the brand´s collections are built around the leather bike jackets, which are Rick Owens´ DNA. Rick Owens´ grunge aesthetic blended with sportswear make the brand one of the most discussed businesses of contemporary fashion.


There are many adjectives that can be used to describe Rick Owens aesthetic: from gothic to raw-edged, from brutal chic to perfectly imperfect. But the one that gets to the heart of the label would probably be glunge.

Glunge describes sort of urban-dark yet beautifully-wearable clothes that perfectly blend glamour and grunge, that became the label´s trademark style. Gender neutral designs developed a cult following, making Rick Owens more than just a fashion label. Rick Owens is a movement, a family of fashion individuals who use clothing to express their personalities and redefine the norm.

Rick Owens collections contain avant-garde pieces like deconstructed leather jackets and light tank tops, low-crotch trousers, and sculptural blazers. Also, not to forget the tonal trainers, that complete the modern gothic inspired look. Signature layering is the main feature of Rick Owens´ look, where the long shirts are put over dresses and combined with jackets.

Draped silhouettes over tailoring, deliberately deconstructed shapes and volumes made of contemporary materials mark the signature Rick Owens aesthetic. The designs are streetrwear and sophisticated luxury, blending the line between conventional elegance and exaggerated unbasicness.

Limited color palette of dark and metallic shades is softened by light reflections and tranpsarancy. Expect draped shirts, shrunken leather jackets, deconstructed skirts as well as harem pants with angular flaps and decentered zippers. Rick Owens designs blur the line between fashion and art.


Rick Owens DRKSHDW, launched in 2008, is a full collection of streetwear-like designs with approachable price range. DRKSHDW´s aesthetic is founded on Rick Owens avant-garde interpretations, focusing on androgynes asymmetric cuts inspired by architecture and ancient designs.

The line offers a range of t-shirts, loose pants, denim as well as sweatshirts and sneakers which reinterpret sports style. Expect easy-to-wear pieces like nylon bomber or low-crotch trousers, and combat boots as well as high-top sneakers, based on characteristic Rick Owens silhouettes. Embellishments like zippers or rubber soles blend with dark color palette manifest the signature rebellious DRKSHDW look.


Rick Owens clothing is more than just fashion – it is a lifestyle. Restir offers a wide range of Rick Owens collections as well as the DRKSHDW line to fit your personality. Whether it is Rick Owens leather jacket or Rick Owens low-crotch pants that you choose – you will always feel confident in your clothes. Take a look at Rick Owens designs at Restir and dare to step up your fashion game!

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