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For everyone bored with traditional fashion – here is a label to watch. The French designer Marine Serre founded her eponymous label while working at Balenciaga.

Marine Serre Fashion Online Store

With experiences also from big fashion houses like Maison Margiela, Alexander McQueen or Dior blend with Serre´s philosophy and personal vision of future, the label offers clothing for a new generation. Marine Serre processes current social and political themes in her designs, leading the sustainability movement in the industry and setting an example for big fashion houses and consumers. The designer captures and reflects the moment she lives in, her designs are the reaction to what surrounds her.

Marine Serre is contemporary brand known for its signature crescent and half-moon prints. Experimental designs inspired by athletic-wear effortlessly blur the boundaries of ready-to-wear, couture and sportswear.

The label´s hybrid approach is reflected in a blend of athletic and feminine silhouettes with refined elements and unexpected twists which break up the clean aesthetic. With a clear sense for environmental problems Marine Serre revolutionizes the fashion-upcycling with a highest level of garment production.

Defined as hardcore couture, Serre´s clothes fuse sophisticated French couture silhouettes and high-tech innovative sportswear materials. Be ready to experience confident, modern and impressive designs merged with a positive reason to change in every piece.


Don´t even try to put Marine Serre´s clothing in any category – the label´s avant-garde sports-inspired pieces with feminine silhouettes need a new unique classification. As her team call it “new functionalist FutureWear”, the label is radically independent.

By taking existing pieces and recycling them into new designs Marine Serre offers forward-thinking fashion. Expect fierce-looking designs you don´t have to fear, daring color combinations and unexpected textures. Marine Serre collection are defined by contrasts: soft and rough, athletic and feminine, restriction and flexibility, which imply the label´s dynamism.

Renowned for its edgy athletic-inspired wear, Marine Serre´s signature piece happens to be a bodysuit with all-over crescent logo, appearing like something in between of ski- and clubwear. Wear it under a t-shirt or put a skirt over it for a modern effortlessly edgy look.

Find also hybrid dresses, inspired by best parts of evening wear and re-interpreted for the modern generation as well as tie-dye jogging suits, stand-out jackets, opera coat and accessories made of repurposed fabrics and up-cycled sport-tech materials. Expect to see the characteristic half-moon logo all-over since it became a symbol of the new generation untroubled with cultural boundaries.

The label´s pioneering approach did not go unnoticed – highly admired by celebrities and stars, Marine Serre clothes were seen on Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, Beyonce and Blackpink.

The K-Pop group wore versions of Marine Serre´s designs while appearing on a TV-show, as well as used Serre´s knits in its music video for the single “ How you like that”. Each member of Blackpink interpreted Marine Serre designs fitting their personality.


When iconic sportswear brand meets experimental fashion label, there is no way the result wouldn´t knock fashion crowd´s socks off! Marine Serre is known for fusing couture elements with sportswear aesthetics, so it was just a matter of time for Nike to team up with the contemporary brand adorned by the new generation.

The essential piece of Nike x Marine Serre collaboration is the signature Marine Serre bodysuit made of jersey. Aiming to create a line that provides the female body a good feeling without compromising on style, Marine Serre undergird Nike´s intuition to expand the label´s female oriented focus.


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