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    In a fashion industry, playing safe collection after collection is the most common thing to do for the most designers. But that is not the way to go for Mihara Yasuhiro. The Japanese fashion label was founded by eponymous designer in 1996 while he was studying at the Tama Art University of Tokyo.
    MIHARAYASUHIRO Shoes Sneakers

    During the time Mihara Yasuhiro started creating different sneakers and shoes and launched his own shop called “archi doom”. His first collections were well-received and catched the attention of the sportswear big player Puma at a time when labels only worked with athletes.

    Collaborating with a sneakers giant and creating innovative and modern designs established Mihara Yasuhiro ´s name in the fashion industry. After graduating, he renamed his shop into MIHARAYASUHIRO and his career took off.

    Mihara Yasuhiro found his own unique way to incorporate his creative vision into a common element of everyday life, sneakers. Offering collections for both men and women, Mihara Yasuhiro provides a different concept of contemporary style which is intellectual and accomplished.

    Mihara thinks out of the box, creating playful and surprising shoes that guarantee to turn heads. Mihara Yasuhiro´s signature style is distinctly urban and casually disheveled, pushing boundaries between sublime and ridiculous.

    Maison Mihara Yasuhiro appreciates the classic iconic sneakers styles from brands like Vans by Converse by giving them a new life. The brand uses cult silhouettes as the basis and molds a new product of his vision by adding elements of deconstruction. Working with 3D design enables him to recreate the complex shapes with Mihara Yasuhiro´s unique aesthetic. Including optical illusion into his clothing and shoes has evolved as the label´s trademark.

    Mihara Yasuhiro´s contemporary take on fashion and footwear challenges the customers to rethink the established rules and ideas of fashion and consume, continuing to be a label to watch.


    Quickly gaining an international followership among sneaker-heads for his unexpected ideals and exceptional desigs with unique twists on a classic menswear essentials, Mihara Yasuhiro established itself as one of the most popular footwear designers in the industry.

    The label is known for original handmade shoes and eclectic clothing crafted of high-quality materials. Mihara Yasuhiro´s collections highlight the designers keen eye for shapes and commitment to quality materials.

    The Japanese label brings a new generation of elegant clothing with technical minimalism, demonstrating the blend of different fabrics in one piece. Eccentric tailoring, custom prints, unique treatments and deliberate use of asymmetry offer a new take on menswear. Since the founding Mihara Yasuhiro has collaborated with a variety of luxury brands like Moncler or sportswear giant Puma.

    With his sneakers designs Mihara Yasuhiro fuses together the world of fashion and sports. After becoming well-known due to the collaboration with Puma, the Japanese label is pushing boundaries of innovative footwear since. For Mihara sneakers are giving people the opportunity to be creative.

    With his experimental take the designer aims to continue the trend of appreciating sneakers as fashion pieces. Inspired by American culture, Mihara Yasuhiro´s shoes are entirely unique and full of surprises like splitting the sneakers and merging them to one completely different new style.

    The main essence of the shoe design maintains the same, elaborated with meticulous patterns and sublime elements like fur or studs and metallics. Mihara Yasuhiro´s sneakers come as low- and high-tops with an unexpected take on classic skate sneaker silhouette.

    Among many collaborations over the years, the Nigel Cabourn X Maison Mihara was a great success. Nigel Cabourn´s distinctive style takes elements from history and updates them with finest materials and highest craftsmanship, honoring the past while looking to the future – an approach also Mihara is known for.

    Cabourn´s signature talent for fabrics and finishes with Mihara´s innovative contemporary design result in insane footwear that is based on classic silhouettes, the Converse Chuck Taylor and the canvas French Foreign Legion boot and reworked with deconstructed elements to push the fashion boundaries forward.


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