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Before establishing his eponymous brand in 2006, Tom Ford, who is not only a fashion designer but also a filmmaker, worked for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent as a creative director. With the highest level of craftsmanship and keen eye for timeless designs, Tom Ford aimed to create the “first true luxury brand of 21st century”. His future-proofed styles embody the extremely modern vision of mens- and womenswear. 
Tom Ford Online Store

Worldwide admired for his unique tailoring and exceptional design aesthetic, Tom Ford left an undeniable impact in the fashion industry.

Tom Ford collections showcase men´s and women´s ready-to-wear, men´s made-to-measure, footwear, accessories, eyewear, fragrances and beauty as TOM FORD label, bringing timeless elegance to everything from sunglasses to outerwear.

When you hear the name Tom Ford, your first association might be that he is one of the most influential and significant people in the industry from the 90s until today. Since founding Tom Ford, the label, the designer manifested his status as the ultimate go-to for a luxurious take on contemporary style with signature Tom Ford glamour.


Expect men´s and women´s ready-to-wear collections as well as beauty and accessories, all imbued with seductive and glamorous Tom Ford sense. Tom Ford clothes are renowned for their elegant and glamorous appeal with timeless designs and use of opulent fabrics.

However, the label is probably mostly known for its classy menswear. When it comes to Tom Ford line for men, you can expect stunning piece in various colorways, made of high-quality materials suiting any taste. Tom Ford menswear consists of ready-to-wear, accessories such as Tom Ford shoes and bags, eyewear and cosmetics including the brand´s best-seller perfumes but it is the Tom Ford suit that is the most beloved piece among fashion lovers.

The luxurious Tom Ford suits come in a signature cut with wider shoulders and tighter on the body with a smaller waist, while the tailoring is custom made. They are buttoned and made of the highest quality materials to fit the needs of the sophisticated costumers. Tom Ford suits come in sharkskin, wool or mulberry silk, with peak collars, velvet details, flap and ticket pockets and many other small details that underline the exceptional standards of Tom Ford designs.

But also the main Tom Ford clothes are the true example of male elegance. Find Tom Ford shirts made of cotton, silk or leather in various colors in classic slim fit with spread collars and barrel or French cuffs.

Complete the elegant look with Tom Ford bottoms including slim fit jeans, sweatpants, and classic trousers. For everyone appreciating highest quality, Tom Ford bags are the perfect choice. The luxuriously designed pieces are made of leather, suede, or cotton to round up any timeless outfit.

Bags, Totes, Briefcases by Tom Ford

Choose between belt bags, totes, briefcases, or backpacks with a certain sense of cool. Tom Ford menswear is characterized by the exceptional eye for precision and the label´s signature combination of classic fits and refined accessories. While Tom Ford menswear stands for timeless elegance, Tom Ford womenswear is dedicated to women who are independent and strong in their opinions.

The women´s collections include outerwear, dresses, knitwear, jeans as well as impressive accessories such as bags, shoes, and beauty. Unique materials and exceptional details like French Chantilly lace are the reason why Tom Ford clothes are the most sought-after pieces around the world.

Feminine yet impressively strong in their appearance, Tom Ford designs for women are perfectly designed to give them confident feel. Tom Ford woman is a sleeky lady with business in mind. Tom Ford dresses give you the ultimate feminine and elegant look while the blazer cut in bold silhouettes and structured handbags add a business touch.


Tom Ford is where timeless and classic charm meets contemporary refined design. Worn by many celebrities, Tom Ford cemented its position in the luxury fashion market. Don´t miss to update your wardrobe with elegant staples by Tom Ford – on Restir you can find a wide selection of Tom Ford clothing for men and women as well as exceptional Tom Ford accessories like Tom Ford Bags, Tom Ford shoes and especially Tom Ford eyewear.

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