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Founded in Paris in 1954 by the Egyptian-born Gaby Aghion, Chloe is known in the fashion scene for its unique contemporary way of highlighting femininity. The house´s distinctive take on the concept of romantic and free-spirited beauty is revolutionary since the beginning.

Chloe established itself by modernizing the post-war drab clothing, made of inflexible and practical materials, and encouraging women to break free from set values and express their femininity in a new way.

Inspired by the colors of the desert and traditional Egyptian robes the Chloe designer wanted to give femininity more softness and romance.

Through times Chloe stayed true to its aesthetics by reinventing the brand´s classic pieces in various ways season after season. Chloe is renowned for its ready-to-wear luxury which synonymously stands for the freedom of spirit.

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Chloe clothing is playful and sensual in every sense – designed to balance innovation with classic femininity. Romantic silhouettes with accentuated details like flounced sleeves or voluminous ruffles combined with a rich color palette define the luxury-boho vibe the brand stands for.

Pleated high quality materials like silk and satin elevated by bold patterns bring to life that famous Chloe effortlessly chic aesthetics. Chloe pieces are beautifully designed to be versatile and timeless pieces in your wardrobe, giving you that undeniably chic and romantic vibe with its dresses, blouses, miniskirts or handbags.

The brand´s sophisticated and contemporary designs enjoy a high reputation among Hollywood stars and influencers inspiring women to create their own trends.

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Whether you are wearing a Chloe dress, Chloe shoes, a Chloe blouse; Chloe flared pants or Chloe bag – wearing Chloe clothing means being part of the gang. Everyone wants to be a #ChloeGirl – Chloe clothing embodies the spirit of a chic cool-girl.

It's more than just about the style. Chloe is designed for women who are independent, alluring and daring. As the founder´s ideal from the beginning Chloe women propose a revolution by using fashion to express themselves, combining their femininity with an independent personality.


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