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    Born in the streets of Los Angeles, Palm Angels is a label from Francesco Ragazzi. The story of the label began with a coffee table book, which was featuring black and white photographs of the L.A. skateboarding scene, captured by Ragazzi himself, exposing his vision of Californian skate culture. Founded in 2015 in Milan, Palm Angels is far away from what you expect from a Milanese brand.

    Francesco Ragazzi´s label is driven by the Californian laid-back vibe blended with his Italian sartorial background. Based on these two extremes Palm Angels aims to create a bridge between high-fashion and streetwear and encourages people to oppose traditional conventions. Palm Angels celebrates the American culture from a different perspective by capturing the Californian skate culture essence in its strong yet laid-back silhouettes.


    Influenced by Ragazzi´s interest in skate culture and his love for Californian way of life, Palm Angels clothing for men and women combines both high fashion and street, creating the middle ground between the two opposites: streetwear and tailoring.

    You will find a wide range of tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, tracksuits and accessories adorned with graffiti logos, colourful printings and street art motifs, capturing the rugged vibe American skate culture.

    Palm Angels is unapologetic casual-wear with anarchic sense of L.A. grunge scene, bold logomania and the city´s skate culture fused with Italian upscale and luxury nuances resulting in a sporty, luxurious line.

    From military pieces to sportswear staples – Palm Angels offers clothing for men that is anything but boring including hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, denim, and accessories with a streetwear appeal made of finest materials with a keen attention to detail.

    Palm Angels showcases designer´s Italian and American backgrounds by combining his vision of American culture and Italian luxurious flair in each Palm Angels piece. It´s still neither a typical Italian brand nor typical American brand though, what makes it especially interesting for the modern generation.

    Also, a wide colour range is referring to the Californian impact in Palm Angels clothing for men appearing in various prints, street art designs as well as tracksuits in hues like orange, purple or green. It´s Palm Angels´ way to tell a story of freedom and fun, which are signature themes of the brand showcasing the carefree vibe of Californian lifestyle. The usage of cannabis symbolism which is often seen on Palm Angels t-shirts, hoodies and caps refers to designer´s memory of L.A. free spirit.

    Although Palm Angels collections are made up primarily of hoodies, t-shirts, tees, slouchy trousers and jeans, Ragazzi makes sure to give the Palm Angels clothing a special and creative image. Each pieces requires time and uncompromising quality to provide an ultimate comfort since as most who buys streetwear want to be stylish but also casual and comfortable. Palm Angels clothing gives another perspective on fashion and the contemporary coherence of streetwear and luxury.

    Francesco Ragazzi realized as one of the first designers that the young generation does not differentiate between these two separate worlds and has been pioneering the high-fashion scene with his collections since. 


    Palm Angels´ anarchic vibe combined with finest Italian craftsmanship allows its wearers to channel their inner rebels. By taking its inspiration from the L.A. skateboard scene, fun is definitely a key element in Ragazzi´s clothing, since this Californian laid-back attitude is present in every collection.

    Palm Angels Online Store

    Palm Angels clothing is created to encourage people to show their personalities through fashion, to set trends instead of following them as well as to push back against traditional settings in order of self-improvement.

    In Palm Angels hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets and t-shirts for men and women you will feel relaxed but confident, making a statement with your personal look.

    Influenced by photography, fashion and art, Palm Angels clothing is about more than fashion – it´s about being connected with the word. Palm Angels flare pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies as well as caps and socks assigned with Californian iconography of palms and marijuana leaves and the usage of tie dye colours manifest Palm Angels clothing as an essential staple for every modern wardrobe.  


    With its laid-back attitude and provocative fun approach Palm Angels is highly favoured among celebrities and is one of the most influential labels of our times. Online, at Restir, you will find a curated selection of the finest Palm Angels clothing containing hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. Expect to fall in love with every piece. Shop Palm Angels for men now online at Restir.

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