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Fashion is undoubtedly a part of today´s society, as well as music is. After various celebrities such as Kanye West or Pharell, Williams released their own clothing brands, fashion designed by stars established itself as a key element of the industry.
Golf Wang Online Store

It was just a matter of time for Tyler The Creator to express his creativity through his own fashion line.

Founded in 2011 by musician Tyler The Creator, Golf Wang is an American clothing brand that allows the wearer to express his musical taste through clothes.

The name Golf Wang doesn´t have anything in common with the eponymous sport (especially since it´s Tyler´s least favourite one) - it results out of the hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

Tyler captured the attention of the music fans by his rebellious and polarizing appeal and cultivated a loyal fan base. Creating Golf Wang was a step above the collective´s regular merch which often contained prints like cat hats or doughnut logo and even the OF member Lucas Vercetti´s teenage face.

Golf Wang quickly became popular among the fanbase with its fluorescent colors and outstanding prints and developed itself as fan´s uniform. Transitioning himself from just being a musician to a designer, Tyler aims to create clothes that are all about individuality and standing out from the crowd.

Behind Golf Wang is Tyler´s motivation to design clothes that he would wear himself – that´s why the brand is all about uniqueness. Since he designs each piece himself, Golf Wang translated his music in another medium – fashion. With his music having (almost) no boundaries, Tyler incorporated this ethic into his clothes. Golf Wang is more than just a typical fashion brand - it´s about being different.


Golf Wang encompasses everything we love about fashion – it´s unique, provocative, controversial yet very stylish. Twice a year Golf Wand releases its collections, so called “drops”. Known for its colorful and rebellious designs, Golf Wang manifests his position in the industry with its pop-culture influenced collections.

Expect a youthful blend of skate-style and hip-hip influences appearing in bold colors, pastels and out of ordinary prints. The label manufactures clothes, shoes, accessories as well as skateboards which are all designed by Tyler.

The label´s disputed aesthetic did not go unnoticed – after collaborating with Vans, Golf Wang teamed up with Converse. Tyler designed the “one star” sneaker in order to promote his “flower boy” album. That felicitous example of cross-promotion between music and fashion allowed Tyler to catapult his song into Top 10 charts.


With its old-school silhouettes adapted to a contemporary era Golf Wang still have a big impact on a streetwear and fashion trends. On Restir you can find a range of Golf Wang hoodies, sweatshirts as well as sweatpants and printed t-shirts.

Feel the music through your Golf Wang clothes and stand out of the crowd with colourful Golf Wang hoodies and t-shirts! Explore the latest Golf Wang collection online at Restir!

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