Founded in 2000 by gallerist Frans Truelsen, Ganni offered a few cashmere pieces at the beginning. After the husband-and-wife duo Nicolaj and Ditte Reffstrup took over the label, Ganni established the new contemporary Scandinavian style, showing the world another side of renown clean Scandi look. Ganni´s DNA lies in contrasts, bringing unexpected elements and materials together and adding surprising details to the edgy look. The contemporary label puts tradition and innovation together to create something that is still an oxymoron in modern industry – sustainable fashion. Ganni thinks about what fashion can be – timeless designs with highest quality while committing to environment by designing fashion in an innovative way. In a short period of time Ganni succeeded in what many other labels only can dream of – it created an authentic modern Scandi cool-girl style which is loved by many women around the world. Everyone wants to be a #GanniGirl!


To understand the idea of Ganni, you have to forget about every stereotypical thought of minimalistic Scandinavian fashion. With a sense of happiness, Ganni clothes are effortless statements and the ultimate street-style favourites. Easy-to-wear and undeniably chic, Ganni´s designs are defined by playful animal and floral prints as well as romantic ruffles and volants, making every Ganni dress, coat, blouse and jacket an iconic wardrobe essential. Inspired by Copenhagen girls, Ganni´s designs provide that carefree spirit of the city, where the life is laid-back and cool and the way of dressing is effortless and easy. You will never see a Copenhagen girl on a bike in a dress wearing heels – but she will be wearing cowboy boots or sneaker. Ganni is all about creating contrasts and mixing feminine designs with masculine and sporty details. Ganni dresses, blouses and denim offer women-friendly cuts with exclusive wearability for a carefree and confident attitude. It´s not about the women´s style, it´s about their confidence. Ganni girl is confident in her own skin and not trying to much when it comes to fashion. With this own aesthetic the cool Ganni girl style became a global phenomenon. Every girl wants that special Scandi look, every girl wants to be a #GanniGirl. Ganni look is full of personality and experimentation. It is playful yet sexy at the same time. Ganni´s power is putting pieces together that you would never expect to work but the do like boldly patterned leo-print or floral dresses with hiking jackets or cycling shorts with playful blouses and blazers. That is the confident approach to fashion and playful easy-going way of dressing that made Ganni famous. Its eclectic approach established the new contemporary girlish look, that is reflected in bright colored lacquered materialis, garmend-dyed denim and a wild mix of prints. Cosy, comfy knits build dramatic contrast to leo-printed mid-length dresses and chunky hiking boots while slogan shirts are spotted with a pair of jeans, cowboy boots and a bucket hat creating a signature Ganni look spotted on #GanniGirls like of Veronika Heilbrunner or Pernille Teisbaek. Show your personality and don´t be afraid to have fun with Ganni dresses, jackets, boots and hats by mixing the things up!


Over the last decade Ganni undoubtedly still appearing as one of the most exciting labels in the industry. By proving the possibility of being both fashion-forward and sustainably conscious Ganni is pioneering the contemporary fashion market. Ganni dresses, blouses, jeans, boots and hats are full of personality, giving the modern women the freedom to express herself. Expect wide range of colorful Ganni clothing and accessories to match your attitude at RESTIR – shop Ganni now online!