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ABOUT Balenciaga Men

Established in 1918, Balenciaga is one of the most influential brands in fashion known for its visionary ideals and challenging spirit. Today, the French brand is continuing to pioneer the contemporary fashion by creating essential wardrobe elements with unorthodox shapes and its keen attention to details. Balenciaga is the ultimate destination for guaranteed revolutionary designs embracing dramaturgy in austere designs to depict the designer’s visionary ideals of modern fashion. The Paris-based label managed to blend streetwear with high-fashion attire by using distinctive sculptural shapes and street-inspired graphics with exclusive craftsmanship in its clothing.
Balenciaga has the longest history as a running fashion clothing company and is the epitome of modern luxury expression. Focusing on deconstructive approach by experimenting with proportions, Balenciaga reached iconic dimensions in fashion industry. Balenciaga´s revolutionary character allows seeing fashion from a new perspective, showing its controversial sight and establishing the new meaning of beauty. The label is known for its never-before-seen shapes combined with unexpected materials and daring color palette. Through its sharp designs, high-quality fabrics and its keen attention to details Balenciaga has become the leading brand of contemporary fashion.


Balenciaga is where the most unexpected ideas come to life. It's a brand that overcomes borders and gives fashion an ability to stand for itself. It's not about what fashion is, it is about what fashion can be, consistently evolving.
Balenciaga clothing is minimalistic with uniquely-shaped proportions – designed to challenge established fashion standards. Balenciaga brings a different approach on seeing and defining beauty to disrupt the system. The brand´s fascination for certain forms is reflected in perfectly structured proportions which elongate the body mixed with contrasting oversized elements and tailoring. Balenciaga uses certain sportswear aesthetics, bringing comfort, functionality and technicality to luxury fashion making every sweater, dress and outerwear a unique piece of art. Known for its graphic hoodies, oversized jackets, shirts with geometric proportions and heavy logo brandings, Balenciaga is offering a provocative turn on clothing, where street meets luxury, allowing the clothes to stand for itself. The Balenciaga brand attends to find new ways of clothing by modernizing the traditional silhouettes creating new forms. The label refracts conventional restraints by following the ideal of making the impossible possible. These principles allow the brand to always be ahead of its time, reaching the iconic dimensions in the fashion history.Balenciaga hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets and shirts are made for women and men who are fearless and confident to take the biggest risks to reach their goals. Balenciaga dresses, sweaters, hoodies, shoes and bags are made to be fashionable statements, creating trends instead of following them.
The brands fascination for certain proportions is reflected in perfectly structured Balenciaga coats, jackets and sneakers, based on blending contrasting oversized elements with tailoring.
Whether you like it or not – you have to admit, that Balenciaga shoes changed our idea how sneakers should look like. By implementing new forms of sneakers Balenciaga created a new couture ideal of edginess. The French house presents ready-to-wear collections for men with innovative sportswear aesthetics, which are bold und expressive. By blending comfort, functionality and technicality to luxury fashion, Balenciaga reached iconic dimensions. Runners, trainers and especially sneakers have a complete overhaul if not are being revolutionized. The keen attention to artistic details paired with unexpected materials, concepted to the extreme, make Balenciaga shoes the hottest and sensational ones. The brand´s controversial design brings disruptive energy to the fashion world, leading to inevitably divided opinions. Sculptured toes, chunky soles and vibrant colours transform classic footwear into something that needs a second look.  And if it’s not enough, the brand´s bold use of logos enables the sneakers, boots and trainers to create the whole new level of streetwear à la haute couture.
Balenciaga has a history on creating excellently extraordinary shoes. First, there were the Triple S trainers – named after its triple-stacked sole. It’s like basketball, running and track soles found each other in one shoe. The Triple S trainers come in various colors from red, green or more subtle white.
The Track 2 runner shoe, with its layered leather and mesh cross-over, put over a chunky sole, can be find in different eye-catching colorways - blending the sportswear aesthetic and comfort with luxury fashion and underlining the contemporary vibe.
Also, there were skin-tight sock Speed trainers – with its futuristic look this Balenciaga shoe was some kind of a contemporary phenomenon.  Its articulated molded sole not only catches the eye but also gives extra comfort and flexibility to the trainers .The brand´s fascination for structured proportions runs like a common thread through Balenciaga´s shoe designs, creating cult classics for men and women.

If you wish to stand out in the crowd, Balenciaga bag is the one that surely will catch the attention. The Balenciaga crossbody bags, tote bags and satchels are the epitome of contemporary energy, embodying the brand´s distinctive urban-luxe aesthetics.

The Balenciaga Motorcycle bag will probably come to your mind, if you think of most iconic bags over the last years. A slouchy, non-structured and logo-less leather tote bag with dangling tassels and studs is the ultimate must-have even after so many years, claiming its status as It-bag. The Classic City bag is the best investment to own if you are looking for something to exude the Balenciaga´s high street allure with modern vibes.
If you´re more into contemporary athleisure, the Balenciaga belt bag might be the perfect one for you. Combining modern energy with functional shape this Balenciaga bag stands out in every crowd.
The brand´s ability to include new perspectives into traditional forms, sometimes reworked in miniature proportions, manifests the Balenciaga bags as contemporary classics.


Balenciaga´s footprint left an undeniable mark upon fashion. The brand is pioneering the contemporary fashion market by not being afraid of the extreme and dominating the elevated normcore movement.  Balenciaga shows new perspectives and opportunities in traditional system by declaring different as the real beauty. The label is triggering the masses by conquering the traditional footwear, creating cool shapes and boundary-pushing designs. Balenciaga trainers, runners and sneakers as well as hoodies, jackets and bags are for sure the new era of fashion. Explore the wide range of Balenciaga pieces from oversized hoodies to dramatic jackets, eye-caching bags and cult sneakers online at Restir.

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