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There are many new fashion brands coming up in the industry every year, but there are just few that manage to stay. And there are even less brands that take the fashion crowd by storm. The Attico Fashion is, for sure, one of them. Founded by two exceptionally stylish Italian It-Girls Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio in 2016, the Attico offers pieces every fashion girl wants to wear right now.

The Attico Fashion Store

“Attico” means penthouse in Italian and expresses an idea of bountiful abandon from the last floor of a house. The street-style stars started The Attico to be able to express themselves and their decidedly contrasting styles – Gilda, who is more eclectic and loves the feisty opulence, and Giorgia, who is precise and has a sense for sensual retention.

The Attico fashion plays on that opposites-attract duality and the electrifying contrasts complement the brand itself, creating the label´s unique aesthetic out of this juxtaposition. Inspired by Hollywood divas of 70th and 80th, The Attico clothing reinvents the idea of opulence through eye-catching blend of the bold and the served.

Every style comes from combination of memories, vision and instinct, taking inspiration from peignoir robes and retro interiors. It´s not hard to explain why The Attico has been such a success: The Attico clothes are really fun!


Being that opposite about their personal fashion styles, the Milan based designers both share love for glamour and glitter. Based on these contrasts, The Attico offers pieces that should appear like thrown-together dress-up, giving the women that dressed up feeling every day and making a big entrance every time.

Each The Attico collection is dedicated to a different woman with vintage style in reworked modern way. If your don´t feel like having all eyes on you – then The Attico fashion isn´t for you. Expect powerful styles like dresses with slinky silhouettes and softly tailored blazers but also jeans and midi-skirts.

Attention to detail is the key of The Attico pieces – the designer duo focuses on rich embellishments like feathers, crystals and sequins as well as ornate embroideries. The Italian label works hand-in-hand with allure and confidence – The Attico dresses, skirts and blouses come with side slits up to the waist and deep plunging necklines. Expect a rich palette of bold colors and lavish materials like silk, velvet, and leather.

The Attico pieces provide a hint of nostalgia to the sparkling times of glamour with sequins and feathers as a must. Created for women who are strong and sensual, with an individual style, the Attico-girl loves to play with seduction and to provoke, without taking herself to seriously.

It is about living large and enjoying the life in every way possible. The label´s signature feminine aesthetic embraces women´s bodies in a soft and tactile way; it´s nostalgic yet flirty and fun. The Attico clothes are brave and meant to be seen. It´s not just style, The Attico is a point of view on life.


The streetstyle-icons Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini create fashion for women who love to be noticed and doesn´t shy away to make a statement appearance. On Restir you can explore a wide range of The Attico pieces to fall in love with – complete your wardrobe with sophisticated luxury clothes as well as shoes and accessories from the Italian brand. Go all the way up with Attico!

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