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    Founded in Paris back in 1918 by Cristóbal Balenciaga, Balenciaga has an influence on fashion industry with its progressive, sculptural silhouettes since. The brand´s revolutionary character sees fashion from a new perspective, establishing a new vision of beauty by being controversial in its designs.

    Balenciaga Bags

    Balenciaga is known for its unseen shapes blend with unexpected materials and daring color palette. If your wish is to stand out in the crowd, then Balenciaga bag is the ideal choice for you.

    Catching the attention for sure, Balenciaga crossbody bags, tote bags, and satchels are the epitome of modern energy and embody the label´s signature urban-luxe aesthetic.


    Expect the unexpected in Balenciaga´s designs – the idea behind the brand´s bags is to challenge the traditional system by creating the new level of street style in haute couture way. Clutches, pouches, shoulder bags and crossbody bags by Balenciaga will became the constructing essential of your wardrobe.

    Blending keen attention to detail with fearless take on the extreme allows Balenciaga bags to establish themselves as the ultimate must-have accessories. Balenciaga as a leading brand of contemporary fashion creates ground-breaking belt bags, boxy crossbody bags, and oversized totes.

    Balenciaga Motorcycle bag is probably the most iconic bag from the Paris based label, that will come to your mind immediately. With a slouchy, non-structured and logo-less leather design with dangling tassels and studs, this Balenciaga bag is the ultimate essential even after so many years, proving its status as It-bag.

    If you´re looking for an investment, take a look at the Classic City bag to exude the Balenciaga´s high street vibe with modern influences. The Balenciaga belt bag with upgrade your contemporary athleisure game – the mix of modern design and functional shape stands out in every crowd directly.

    Balenciaga can include new perspectives into traditional shapes, reworked in miniature proportions. This ability manifests the Balenciaga bags as contemporary classics.


    Made for men and women who dare to break the traditional conventions, Balenciaga bags are ideal accessories to underline the wearer´s personality. Timeless black tote bags catch the eye with contrasting logo lettering while graffiti-style prints give the classic handbag its Balenciaga streetwear appeal.

    Bold colors like red, blue or yellow add a contemporary touch to the Balenciaga camera bag. Balenciaga clutches, pouches and shoulder bags attract the attention by the unique combination of high-quality materials like velvet, gained leather and technical fabrics. Expect bold logo lettering on Balenciaga bags that provide the bran´s contemporary minimalistic yet structural character.

    Whether you´ll go with red Balenciaga Classic City Bag, the blue Crossbody Bag or timeless Black Tote Bag – it will always be the perfect addition to you contemporary look, underlining your personal style.

    One thing we know for sure – there is no Balenciaga bag that didn´t catch our eye with its outstanding design! Online at Restir you will find a wide selection of Balenciaga crossbody bags, tote bags, Balenciaga purses and clutches – now it´s time to find the perfect Balenciaga bag for you!