We at RESTIR have been developing a wide range of items that color our lifestyle, centering on fashion products. For the 20th anniversary, we are planning various collaborations with the keyword "creation that we want to pass and communicate to future generations".

This time as vol.1, we present "chopsticks" made of bamboo material in collaboration with a long-established bamboo craft brand based in Kyoto  "KOHCHOSAI KOSUGA".

The RESTIR signature colors black and white are trimmed with delicate lines to create a modern and cool look for traditional bamboo chopsticks to suit any dish or menu.

In addition, for the coloring, the paint specially blended in "KOHCHOSAI KOSUGA" is used and the beautiful glossy color is attractive.

The tip is very thin for a nice mouthfeel, making your meal even more delicious. In addition, the corners are chamfered to fit the hands gently and are extremely easy to use.


Bamboo is durable and having excellent water resistance so that it lasts long after washing. The growth cycle is 4-5 years and it is also an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. One of the outstanding characteristics of bamboo is the flexibility and softness it receives according to the power of each user.

The bamboo chopsticks of "KOHCHOSAI KOSUGA" are carefully crafted one by one by skilled craftsmen.


Carrying around "my chopsticks" like my bottle and my bag is one of the eco-friendly initiatives that you can start right away. We also prepared a bamboo chopsticks case that can be used at such times.


We paid particular attention to the exquisite contrast and balance of the high technology unique and the modern design of RESTIR.

A playful design with printed uses of chopsticks such as "HASAMU", “KIRU” and “HAGASU”.

“KOHCHOSAI KOSUGA” have developed a wide variety of original products, from artistic handicrafts to daily items. RESTIR selected one of the popular items “Bamboo lunch box”, traditional flower vase “Hanakago”, and many more items which make your daily life even more enjoyable.


Since their establishment in 1898, “creating bamboo crafts to enrich lives” has been their corporate philosophy.

While protecting tradition, their theme is “to combine the classic and the modern” and to propose new styles of bamboo craft with a unique sensitivity that derives from our founder. Today, they have approximately 500 retail partners including interior goods shops, and luxury traditional inns (ryokan) all over Japan.