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    Children of famous figures doesn´t have it easy to make their own way without being connected to their public parents. But the one who definitely achieved success independently is Stella McCartney – the daughter of musician Paul McCartney and activist and photographer Linda McCartney has established her reputation by pioneering the fashion industry. After working at Chloe in Paris as a creative director, Stella McCartney launched her own eponymous label in 2001.

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    Renowned for its signature sharp simple tailoring with sense of femininity, the British label offers ready-to-wear collections with downtown-cool aesthetics.

    Wearable designs are defined by sportswear-inspired elements alongside androgynous smart tailoring and feminine fits, infusing the Stella McCartney clothing with unique confidence; presenting a contemporary vision of day-to-night womenswear and accessories. Following the footsteps of her activist-mother, Stella McCartney was the first luxury fashion house refusing to use leather or fur in the designs.

    The basis of Stella McCartney´s collections is not design, it´s sustainability. Committing to lead „responsible, honest and modern company“, the designer uses vinyl or plastic for shoes and raffia and fabric for belts and bags instead of leather.

    Stella McCartney clothes are meant to last, crafted without damaging the environment. The British luxury brand proves that fashion can be both effortlessly chic and environmentally friendly. Stella McCartney challenges the world around her, and the way things are made, setting new standards for luxury clothing with sustainable background.


    Today, Stella McCartney is synonymous with ecological fashion. Known for fur-free and leather free collections, the British brand takes a big step forward to ethical fashion. Constantly researching and developing new sustainable fabrics, Stella McCartney uses bioengineered spider silk, mushroom leather and recycled ocean plastic as well as organic cotton coming not from endangered forests for her designs.

    The label is also developing innovative non-toxic dyes that are less exploitative of natural resources. Stella McCartney collections offer women´s ready-to-wear and accessories with a signature sharp tailoring, giving a woman natural confidence and effortless femininity.

    By juxtaposing feminine designs with menswear-inspired shapes blend with uncompromising take on sustainability, the label gained popularity among celebrities. Expect everything from basics to refined eveningwear like wide leg trousers with smart silhouettes, feminine-detailed knitwear with ruffles and elegant bouses with flowing shapes.

    Stella McCartney´s distinctive style made the label one of the most progressive and successful designers internationally. But not only the Stella McCartney clothes are loved by streetstyle stars and fashion experts, also the brand´s accessories are the ultimate must-haves for a contemporary look. The Stella McCartney Falabella bag reached iconic status and is an essential for every fashionable wardrobe.


    In 2004, Stella McCartney teamed up with a sportswear big player Adidas, to create sports clothes to give modern women everything they need for their training. While Adidas is known for power and attitude, Stella McCartney is fashionable and natural. By blending those opposites, this collaboration pioneered the sportswear industry with innovation and progression. Adidas x Stella McCartney is now a brand with a higher purpose.

    Combining the unique style of the world´s leading sportswear brands with fashionable take of the luxury house, Adidas x Stella McCartney creates clothing for swimmers, tennis players, runners and yoga fans.

    The materials have sweat wicking technology, elastane blends provide the comfortable stretchy fit enable the body the optimal movement. Highly innovative collections offer sportswear, footwear and sports accessories. Expect sweatshirts and hoodies, as well as yoga leggings and fleece jackets.

    From tennis dresses to ski pants – Adidas x Stella McCartney brings inspiration sportswear. Running backpacks round up the transitional and seasonless outfits. For the perfect head-to-toe Stella McCartney look try the iconic Stella McCartney Ultraboost sneaker.

    The shoe with the most admired running form is designed and tested to provide comfort on your next run. Crafted of recycled high-performance fabrics Stella McCartney Ultraboost is the label´s commitment to sustainable fashion. It´s a pair of running sneaker you´ll never want to take off!


    Designed for women who have fashion and planet in mind, Stella McCartney offers clothing that empowers women to constantly move forward, to follow their visions with power, while Adidas x Stella McCartney has their back and provide strength during their workout.

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