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    If you haven´t believe in a streetwear hype yet, now it´s time to overcome the concerns. Heron Preston, founder of an eponymous label, is a new generation of designers. Grown in the internet era, he has eclectic talents – for Heron Preston experimenting with different disciplines as DJ, creative director, artist and designer is influential and inspiring.

    Heron Preston Online Store

    Today, the label Heron Preston is revolutionizing the contemporary luxury fashion market and helping redefine the way of thinking about the streetwear, luxury and sustainability in fashion. 

    Growing up skating in San Francisco, Heron Preston showed his creative nature already in high school by launching a line of recycled silk-screened t-shirts and selling them all over the world.

    After moving to New York to study at the Parsons School of Design, he starts to write a blog documenting the Downtown scene. Soon, the blog catches attention of the Ohwow contemporary art gallery founder Al Moran, who, together with Heron Preston, creates a book entitled The Young and the Banging.

    That´s the turning point for Heron Preston, followed up by job offerings from Nike as a marketing specialist and later as global digital producer for Nikelab and Virgil Abloh. At the same time, Heron Preston joins Virgil Abloh and Matthew Williams in the creative collective Been Trill, building his career alongside 1017 ALYX 9SM’s and Off-White’s founders.


    The starting point for Heron Preston´s namesake label was the founding of HPC Trading Co. and creating a capsule collection for NYC Department of Sanitation. Launched in 2016, the label´s DNA is characterised by reinterpreting conventional themes in an unexpected way and its commitment to innovation and experimentation. Heron Preston blends a fresh aesthetics of workwear and streetwear elements with environmental awareness, creating authentic fashion.

    As a son of a policeman, Heron Preston always admired uniforms. He had this unique point of view, seeing uniforms and workwear of construction workers, firefighters, or policemen as fashionable because of their authenticity.

    Heron Preston captures that utilitarian aesthetic and the urban vibe in his collections, starting with his debut collection called UNIFORM for DSNY, in which he used recycled uniforms of NY garbage collectors. Working in fashion for years, Heron Preston has a critical eye to the industry´s role in global pollution crisis. One day, swimming in Ibiza, Heron noticed a floating plastic bag in the ocean.

    That was an eye-opening moment for the designer to use his power to inspire change and speak up about social issues. Heron Preston is a label that surpasses borders and creating authentic collections while remaining committed to environment through designing pieces in an innovative way with sustainable technologies.


    Heron Preston established itself as an icon among millennials. Creating collections for both men and women, the label offers elevated wardrobe staples and accessories in a signature workwear style. Sports- and streetwear-inspired line features a variety of utility-style bomber jackets, camouflage hoodies, hiking trousers or safety vests.

    Heron Preston clothing is recognized by the signature Cyrillic word for “style” written on the crewneck sweatshirts, sweatpants, and graphic tees as well as the use of fluorescent orange colour that can be often be found on the graphics or as a brand patch, inspired by the uniform-colour of construction workers and firefighters.

    Heron Preston hoodies, t-shirts and longsleeves also feature the signature heron birds. The label´s innovative approach quickly caught the attention in the industry, leading to successful cooperations with Carhartt, NASA, Off-White, Gap, UGG and Nike.


    Heron Preston is not only a hype creator but also a pioneer on the contemporary fashion market. By blurring the borders between workwear, streetwear and high-fashion, his eponymous label is hitting the nerve of the internet-youth. Heron Preston sweatshirts, tees, bomber jackets and turtlenecks are the ultimate wardrobe essentials for an effortless yet fashionable look.

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