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One of the biggest concerns around the world is the increasing air-pollution, which directly affects the air we breathe. The Swedish brand Airinum aims to make the world a place where we can live healthier by breathing cleaner air and to raise awareness about air quality.

Airinum Mask Online Store

Since the founding in 2015 the brand stays true to its tagline "breathing is a necessity.

Air is a choice". The story of Airinum began when a co-founder Alexander moved from Sweden to India and his asthma started to come back.

Wearing an anti-pollution breathing mask was the most effective way to avoid polluted air. At that point, he couldn´t find a mask that would fit his needs of merging fashion and function.

The most masks were basic in their construction and designed primitively – not something you would want to put on your face every day. Coming back to Sweden, Alex teamed up with his friend Fredrik after realizing that both took fresh Swedish air for granted. That was the start of Airinum.


With a vision of creating a mask that is technical to keep away polluted air, with a comfortable fit that makes you feel like not wearing a mask at all, and designed to enhance your outfit, Airinum redesigned the valves, upgraded air filter and improved the ergonomic fit to create an aesthetic health accessory.

Airinum masks are crafted to prevent airborne infection in the most stylish way possible. The breathing masks from the Swedish brand are the innovative way to clean air with the mask´s inventive filter as the key protection. The tested and certified 5-layer filter technology enables the Urban Air Mask to protect against airborne particles as small as 0.3μm, allowing the wearer to breathe clean air in any surroundings.

The valves can be replaced with stoppers to end the exhalation function. The Airinum Urban Air Mask is crafted with protection, comfort and design in mind.


Taking around 20,000 breaths every day is essential for us to survive since breathing polluted air can damage our health and cause asthma, cancer, strokes and respiratory diseases. Airinum empowers everyone to take care of their health by wearing innovative breathing masks that established themselves as lifestyle accessories merging superior protection, functionality and Swedish design.

The Airinum Urban Air Mask will provide you fresh and healthier air to protect you from toxic air, pollen or bacteria.


Forget about conventional masks – step up your mask game with Airinum products! Designed in Sweden and made of high-quality materials, Airinum masks will not only protect you against pollution – they also guarantee to turn heads! Since the masks are all-over-your-face, it is the first thing everyone around you will notice.

Break the norm and choose the design that fits your style. On Restir you will find a range of Airinum masks to keep you healthy without compromising on style! Shop your Airinum mask now online at Restir!

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